Embodied People A Podcast

Listening to our body and its messages help us navigate our lives towards generative and meaningful days. Through our podcast ‘Embodied People’ we offer somatic practices to support you in remembering and living as fully and dynamically as possible through your flesh. Sarah Donohue and I created this podcast to guide you to bring your body more fully into your life. Music by Nate Anderson. Image and design by Erin Law.

Let’s Punch Each Other! Experiences of Power in Boxing

The Artist Arena Podcast

Angelica DeLashmette-Hurst interviewed me for The Artist Arena podcast. In this podcast we talk about life, movement, creativity, Laban’s Space Harmony Theory and much more!

More talks coming…

Also, new workshops…

Come to Maine with me June 3-7, 2024 for a deep dive into the creative process via your body and the exquisite Maine coast. Offered at a stunning, rustic seaside retreat. More soon or email for details.